About us

CANBIO is a company founded by the union of botanists and experts in the field of cannabis with high CBD content with the aim of ensuring the best products on the market of legal cannabis in Italy.
We produce and sell our cannabis to the leading legal cannabis retailers in Italy confirming our commitment and the quality of our inflorescences.
CANBIO's passion and expertise offer a selection of light cannabis for the customers of consumers looking for a unique taste and aroma in the selection of our hemp.



Why sell back canbio?

Do you have a business or do you want to start a new one?
CANBIO helps you to increase your earnings or to make a new one.
legal cannabis is a real activity, both physical and online!




"I regularly buy CBD oil, the quality is always excellent and the commercial support is always available."

Luca Pieroni

"The excellent quality/price ratio and the commercial proposal dedicated to my needs makes it a perfect partner".

Marta Lopez


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